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Smart Home Lifehacks

Hacking your physical things is easier than you think. This DIY-section will show you, how to make your apartment as unique as you are. Because we believe, that creating a home is a very personal thing and that the technology which surrounds us should be too. So adapting your smart home system to your specific needs is crucial. This section will provide some valuable insights into the possibilities of solving everyday problems in a fun and clever way by using smart home devices. We’ve selected 3 companies that came up with innovative solutions to help you start your own smart home project.

WigWag: hacking the physical items in your home

The small smart home device built by Austin based startup WigWag can help you making things happen automatically in your home. Let the WigWag device turn on your fan automatically, when the temperature rises or get informed by a message sent to your mobile phone when someone opens your front door.

A good device to start your home automation project is the WigWag Relay and some Sensor Blocks. The Relay is the central part of your smart home system. It connects all Sensor Blocks and your other smart home devices (yes, WigWag supports third-party adapters) so you can instantly control everyday items via your smart phone or tablet. Since the relay connects through your homes Internet connection, you can control your WigWag system form anywhere in the world. The WigWag Block is an all-in-one sensor device that can measure light, detect motion, sound, temperature, humidity, movement, contact closure, and even allows you to setup an infrared light barrier between two blocks.

Apart from the innovative hardware the WigWag app is the part that makes this system adapt to your needs. Start to build personal intelligent smart home environments by graphically writing simple “when/then” rules. You don’t need any programming skills or even a computer to create complex smart home applications.

SmartThings: Hacking the physical graph

We have already covered the story behind the smart home device created by the team around SmartThings founder Alex Hawkinson ( The SmartThings open-source ecosystem encourages professional and hobby developers to create cool and fun solutions for every day dilemmas by creatively making use of smart home technology. Check out what their in-house developer Danny came up with to protect your home from being egged when you’re out of town during Halloween.

Revolv: a way to control your connected home

By now, the observant readers will have noticed that there are several methods, companies and products out there that will help you create your very own smart home. Hence our advice to you must be: Whatever works for you and your individual needs is the right choice! When you are planning to automate your house you should consider Revolv. This startup is focusing on the lifestyle aspects of smart home technology. Their approach to home automation is to create a easy to use and intuitive way to monitor and interact with your smart home devices through their Revolv hub and their app.

Those smart home lifehacks show the possibilities of home automation when combined with a pair of Google Glasses. Explore what the future of the connected home might look like!

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