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Next Generation of Digital Thermostats: Meet Tado° the Energy and Money Saving Device from Germany

Everyone does it, but barely anyone takes the time to think about it: heating your empty apartment. Tado° is setting out to change that. The guys behind the Munich based startup developed an innovative smart digital thermostat that will help you save money and protect the environment.

The product

Tado° is a beautiful and easy-to-use product. The main device is a small box that connects to your heating system. It replaces your existing wall thermostat or is attached directly to your existing heating boiler. Once the device is in place the heating system communicates with your smart phone through your home’s internet connection.

The app

The key element of the smart heating system is the innovative Tado° app for your smart phone. Depending on your current location the app communicates with your thermostat and regulates your apartment’s temperature. Once you have left your house, the app will turn down the heating, but as soon as you’re on your way home Tado° makes sure your apartment is at the predefined temperature. In addition the app helps you monitor your energy consumption and lets you manually control it wherever you are.

Energy efficiency

Tado° adapts to the individual heating properties of your home. Depending on the insulation or the type of windows you have, the smart heating system will learn how to reach your desired temperature most efficiently.

Weather sensitivity

The Tado° developers have included online weather data and forecast features in their app. According to the current temperature outside the smart thermostat will regulate the heating inside so you can save energy and money. During a sunny day or a very cold night Tado° will automatically adjust the temperature inside to prevent you from getting cold feet or your apartment from overheating.

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