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Home Automation for Aging Parents

Every day developers create new hard- and software solutions to make our houses a lot smarter. For many users, innovative products are a fun and entertaining option to get things done at home. But for other homeowner those new products can have a huge impact on their quality of life.

Especially aging parents do not want to lose their independence in their day-to-day life and often feel patronized by the supervision of caretakers. In this section you will find the latest news and product information on smart home technology tailored to fit the special needs of senior citizen.

Lively – Taking Care of your Aging Parent without 24/7 Surveillance

Lively Hub and Activity Sensors
Lively Hub and Activity Sensors

The vision behind the San Francisco based team of Lively is simple:

They want to be assured that elderly who live on their own are reveling healthily and happily in their independence.

Lively is their innovative approach of making it happen. Their set of motion sensors can be attached to a refrigerator, a pillbox or even a keychain in order to let your family members know that you are staying active on a daily basis. By doing so, senior citizen can live independently in their own home without leaving their loved ones worried about their current situation.

For more information visit http://www.mylively.com

Withings: Blood Pressure Monitor – Innovative E-Health Device

WITHINGS Blood Pressure Monitor with iPhone
WITHINGS Blood Pressure Monitor with iPhone

The developers at Withings have created a smart blood pressure monitor device that will help you improve your health.

Withings products are easy to use. Simply wrap the blood pressure monitor around your arm and plug it into your iOS device. The results will be instantly visualized and automatically saved on your mobile device.

The free app displays your results graphically, allowing you to follow and detect your trends in your blood pressure measurements. In addition this device lets you send an email with the results to your doctor improving your personal treatment.

Combining the blood pressure monitor with other Withings products allows you to monitor additional aspects of your health for example your weight by using the Smart Body Analyzer scale.

For more information about this product visit http://www.withings.com/

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