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Withings Aura – Smart sleeping habits

Recent studies show the importance of sleeping to perform better and live a happier life. It is not only a prerequisite for a productive day, but building habits is essential to rest the body and mind. But essentially to live a more balanced life. However, in our stressy environment (work, cities, relationships), sleeping is often compromised and underestimated.

Withings, the award winning startup, will launch Withings Aura by Spring 2014 to tackle this exact point. They value sleeping as a regeneration moment for our body, and want to make sure we can make the most of it. They designed a complete smart sleeping solution bundled with an iPhone App, in order to give people the power to leverage their sleeping habits.

For a smart sleeping. How does it work?

Three key elements transforms Withings Aura into a personal sleeping coach.

The package includes a Bedside Device, designed to sensitively record your sleeping environment (noise pollution, room temperature, and light level) and thus better understand every distraction you might unconsciously encounter while sleeping. The goal is to gather those data and turn them around to provide you with scientifically-validated light and sound programs.

The second device is a soft and discreet sensor placed under your mattress. It will monitor your personal sleep patterns and cycles. It can be body movements, breathing cycles, heart rate, etc.


Finally, the brain in the whole system is the iPhone App. It gathers all the data from both devices and will scientifically make sense of them. From the palm of your hand, you will be able to simply visualize and monitor all your sleeping activities. It will surely provides you with personal sleeping programs based on the data gathered.

Visualize your sleeping habits

By recording data right from the Bedside Device and the sleep sensor, Withings Aura will help you visualize how your body behaves while you sleep. You will have access to extensive datas right from your iPhone through the Health Mate Application. For example, you will be able to know how long you slept, how quick you fell asleep and most importantly how long you were in the sleeping stages. They are key in building a strong sleeping habits and get the most out of your nights.

The mobile application lets you visualize your sleep cycles, better understand why you are up and above all compare your different nights. The idea behind is to monitor those data, help you understand your night and smartly recommend you sleeping programs to enhance the power of recuperation.

Improve your sleeping habits

Once datas are collected, Withings Aura will provide you with light and sound programs that will adapt to your personal body clock and impact your sleeping conditions. On the one side, the Bedside Device is packed with multi color LED dimming lighting technology that makes the most of a proven correlation between lighting wavelengths and secretion of Melatonin, responsible for your sleep wake cycle. On the other side, the sound programs replicate the circadian rhythm frequency to help you relax while falling asleep and stimulate you while waking up.


In a nutshell, Withings has developed a new smart solution that we look forward to test.

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Vendor Withings
Website http://www.withings.com/en/aura
Protocols Wi-Fi
Software iOS

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