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The Wink App

The Wink App could be your one app to controll and monitor all your connected devices. It supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, z-wave and ZigBee – so far I haven’t seen an app that supports more protocols (let me know if there’s any other)!

A Gift From The Future: Wink from Wink App on Vimeo.


How the Wink App works

Usiing those protocols you can control connected devices in the areas of

  • Climate
  • Locks
  • Lights
  • Blinds
  • and more

The Wink App has a seperate screen and layout for all those areas and all your connected devices.

The smart air conditioner Aros can be controlled using this app for example. We’ll give you more information about this amazing energy saving A/C soon!


Wink uses security technology comparable to what online banking services are using and includes certification encryption.

Not every connected product requires the Wink HUB but it allows a wide range of smart devices and products to speak the same wireless language. This means you can control them without having to think about how they all work.

the-wink-app-view03The HUB isn’t just very helpful and smart, but also looks great!

You might wonder how the HUB talks to your mobile device. Don’t worry, it’s no rocket science!

Just connect the HUB with your Wi-Fi router at home and then your smartphone or tablet can make a direct connection to the Wink HUB. Once this initial connection is made, all of the communication between your mobile device and the HUB is passing through Wink’s own cloud service to maintain a connection no matter where you are. By the way: it’s best to locate the HUB at least 3′ away from any other Wi-Fi device (this includes your router) and in a centralized location so that the distance between the HUB and your connected device with the Wink App is as little as possible. A typical residential installation can experience a range up to 30 feet (but it’s very environmentally dependent).

Vendor Wink
Protocols Wi-Fi z-wave Bluetooth Zigbee
Software iOS Android

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