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Wello – The Health Tracking Phone Case

Wello is more than just your ordinary smartphone case. It covering your precious phone is only the plus point: Wello in its core is a health tracker; a health tracking phone case! The case has hidden sensors inside which enable you by simply holding it to test your vitals.

The information gathered from those sensors is then quickly sent to an app you have on your phone: You get instant feedback concerning your health and will, over time, be able to recognize patterns and help you manage your life better and healthier.

Oh, by the way: some of you might already have other connected tracking devices and those can be connected to Wello as well! You can have all of the data concerning your health collected inside this one app!

 There’s three little steps and the app has all the information it needs.

  1. Switch on your Wello.
  2. Hold it as shown in picture.
  3. Wait for a few seconds and you’re done.


Unique Characteristics

Wello checks your vitals any time and anywhere in just a few seconds. As it is a mobile health tracker that doubles as a phone sleeve you most likely have it on you at any given moment anyway.

Of course you are concerned about the health and wellbeing of your loved ones. Now you can keep a close eye on that even when you’re not near them because you can all easily share all your health data.

This phone accessory finally is one that is nearly as smart as the phone it’s supposed to cover.

Plus: it works for everyone! The cover is compatible with Android KitKat and all iOS phones supporting Bluetooth LE.

Key Vitals

Wello tracks many different vitals for you.

It monitors your blood pressure easily and accurately. The more you use Wello and the app you can begin to see patterns and find the reason for spikes and dips.

Wello is also mapping the electrical signals of your heart (ECG) – without all the fussy wires.

As we all know, your pulse provides insights into the state of your fitness, potential heart problems or other illnesses. Wello measures and tracks your pulse and your heart rate.

If your blood oxygen levels are low, this is really dangerous! Wello also measures this vital for you.

And, another one, Wello quickly and easily reads your body temperature!

We are absolutely fascinated with Wello!

Pre-orders unfortunately ended already, but you should all soon be able to get yourself one of those magical little phone sleeves really soon – we’ll keep you posted.

Price 199$
Vendor AZOI Inc.
Website https://azoi.com/
Protocols Bluetooth
Software iOS Android

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