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Wally – the home sensing solution

Meet Wally – a simple but effective home sensing solution that will protect your home from water related damages. Following the idea of smoke detectors, the Wally system, consisting of several sensors and a main hub, is designed to warn you of expensive water leaks and unhealthy mold issues before they arise. For example, with Wally you can create a network of sensors that alerts you when water leak under your kitchen sink as well as displaying trends in humidity and temperature levels in your basement.

The whole system can be set up in three easy steps:

1.   Sync the sensor with the main hub through the Wally app and your home’s wifi connection.
2.   Place the sensors in your bathroom, under kitchen sink, in your basement or other places exposed to frequent water damages.
3.   Get immediately notified when Wally detects moisture through your smartphone or computer so you can take action and prevent further damages.

A sneak peek on how it works

Vendor Snupi Technologies
Website http://www.wallyhome.com/press/
Protocols Wi-Fi
Software iOS Browser
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  • helpful information for home video security cameras • March 28, 2014

    Have you got some other publications associated with this one???

    I’d personally wish to look for much more about this unique subject!!!!
    I just love all your postings, nevertheless I really need a good deal more facts
    on home automation product. Thanks for the tips!!!


    • yannsander • March 31, 2014


      Thanks for your comment. Much appreciated.
      Much more will come in the following weeks. We just launched, and we aim at covering the Smart Home Space. We are just at the beginning.
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