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Toymail – Welcome To The New Era Of Walkie Talkies

Ok, so there’s funny looking, talking, little boxy creatures and an app – all of that supposedly for children and their families. Sounds interesting!


Ahhh, got it!

Love it!

Let me explain how this strange sounding gadget works and what kind of benefit you have from it.

Do you remember running around in your neighbourhood and playing with walkie talkies? Talking, making plans, sharing secrets with your friends?

Toymail is basically the new kind of walkie talkies!

You can stay connected to your kids – anytime, anywhere. Using the app, you can record a message for your kid and you little one at home can play the recording and have the Mailman tell him or her whatever you wanted them to know or ask. Children can reply directly from their toy.

Children say hilarious things and with Toymail it’s possible to capture more of those amazing moments.

“The so called Toymailers are parents at work, away for travel, or just out to pick up some milk. They are 8-year-old girls arranging an after-school checkers tournament with the boy across the street. They are someone’s grandma, an ocean away. We all have a reason to stay connected to the kids we love”, say Audry Hill and Gauri Nanda (Co-Founders) on Toymail’s website.

How does it work?

This should explain it:


Messaging is free and you can use the app completely for free for the first year. After that it’s $1.99 USD per year to cover the server costs. It’s not just a one-way communications, but goes both ways. It works with WiFi and not with Bluetooth, so that the phone doesn’t have to be near the Mailman – the little guys are easily connected to your WiFi within seconds.

You can decide whether the Mailmen deliver the message in their own quirky voice or with your voice untouched. Simply turn the filter on or off within your app.

Price 59$
Vendor Toymail Co. LLC
Protocols Wi-Fi
Software iOS

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