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sprav – The Smart Water Meter

Showers account for more than 17% of residential indoor water use according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Imagine a simple way to reduce your consumption of water: A smart water meter that lets you track water and energy usage right from your smartphone: that’s what sprav is. In case you were wondering how to pronounce it: sprav rhymes with brave and was created by combining spray and save.

The helpful gadget, combined with the app, can effectively save you energy and therefore money while helping you to contribute to water conservation. Sounds too good to be true? Let’s see how.

The entrepreneurs behind Sprav are onto something: we are all wasting water and energy and often aren’t even aware of that or not paying attention. Sprav is able to raise all of our ecological and self-awareness in a simple and actually obvious way.

Easy installation

The great thing is, that it doesn’t require you to be a handyman to be able to install this great gadget. Sprav simply clips on most shower and that’s it – no tools, no extraordinary skills needed!

Real-time feedback

By paying attention to the indicator on your showerhead you can save water: it changes colours to reflect how long you have been in the shower.

The light timing can be customized on your smartphone.

You can monitor your water consumption right from your app and this saves you and your family actual money!

Smart water

Right from your sprav app on your smartphone you can set goals, view projections, and track water and energy consumption. This doesn’t only mean that this is a smart water and smart home product, but really a quantified self gadget and app.

Shower safer

Another plus: sprav cares for your well-being! It gives you audible and visual alerts if a shower exceeds dangerous temperatures. Furthermore, there will be a notification sent to your smartphone.

They started a Kickstarter campaign last year and unfortunately didn’t achieve their goal with $30,156 and $80,000 expected. Here’s the video for their campaign:

But nevertheless, they started the production of sprav and it will hopefully be available very soon. We’ll keep you posted!

Vendor Sprav
Website http://www.sprav.com/
Protocols Bluetooth

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