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SkyBell: New Opportunity in Home Automation With A WiFi Doorbell

Last year SkyBell Technologies, Inc. announced that it has been named an International CES Innovations 2014 Design and Engineering Awards Honoree for the SkyBell™ WiFi video doorbell.

It’s more than time to introduce you to this new opportunity in home automation.

Using Indiegogo, they successfully finished a crowdfunding campaign earning over $500.000 with their goal set at $100.000.


Basically, you can answer your door from your phone. It’s perfect for parents, frequent travelers, on-the-go professionals, senior citizens, or anybody who wants to stay connected with their homes.

What’s special about this WiFi Doorbell?

Compared to other smart doorbells, this is what makes SkyBell unique:

  • Multiple users: allows for unlimited users on an account so an entire family can receive alerts when a visitor rings the doorbell

  • User initiation: users can initiate communication with the front door through their mobile device, even if the visitor doesn’t ring the bell

  • Patent-pending motion sensor technology: primes connection and starts call before button is pressed, resulting in faster connections and reduced delays

  • Night vision with infrared LED camera: captures video in total darkness

  • LED indicator: notifies user when WiFi connection is lost

  • Do not disturb mode: allows a user to turn off their traditional home chime so it does not make a sound in the house

  • Automatic updates: updates device without having to sync or plug into a computer

  • Secure connection: provides an unparalleled level of encryption and SSL for bank-level security

  • 2-Way Voice – 1-Way Video: homeowner sees and hears visitor; visitor hears homeowner

Another plus is that the WiFi doorbell is designed to replace your current doorbell’s power line for direct power. As soon as a visitor presses the button, SkyBell sends you an alert and you can see who is at your door. If you want to answer it, you can hear, see and speak to your visitor from your mobile devices. The device itself connects to your home’s WiFi and it sends the feed to your mobile devices over Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G cellular networks.

Price 199$
Vendor SkyBell Technologies, Inc.
Protocols Wi-Fi 3G
Software iOS Android

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