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Scout: A Next-Generation Home Security System

You might have already thought about getting some kind of home security system but are renting at the moment and thought it wouldn’t make sense to install it because you might be moving somewhere else soon?

Don’t worry about that anymore! Scout can move with you, wherever life takes you!

Another plus is that Scout makes home security affordable and accessible for everyone. There’s no high hardware costs and no required monthly fees.

The advantages of an home security system are obvious, but Scout has some extra bonuses compared to traditional (non-smart) systems.

Now let’s get down to the details before I lose myself in praises.

How does Scout the home security system work?

First of all you need to have at least one base station that plugs into your internet router. This base station is the hub of Scout. The base station then talks to each of the sensors you have installed and sends you messages using either Wi-Fi or cellular signals.


You might wonder what those sensors are. There’s a variety of 3 sensors at the moment:

  • Arm/Disarm Door Panel ($69)

  • Open/Close Sensor ($29)

  • Motion Sensors ($49)


Door Panel:

This panel is an RFID (radio-frequency identification). Included is a RFID key fobs with which you can manually arm and disarm the system. But don’t worry, you won’t need one of these for every single door in your home. You just need one on the door (or doors) where you want to arm and disarm the whole system from. In this pack there’s also one open/close sensor included, so the base station combined with the panel is your basic starter kick.

Open/Close sensor:

This sensor is able to monitor the opening or closing of any window, door, safe, liquor cabinet etc. Here it is advised to have one sensor for each window that is accessible to potential intruders from the outside. And, if you have decided that one door panel is enought, you might want to have one open/close sensor for each entry door (apart from the one where you have installed the panel).

Motion Sensors:

Those sensors are great for guarding rooms with big glass doors or windows, potential intruders could break. According to Scout most houses have at least two rooms that fit this criteria. Of course you can operate your home security system without motion sensors but Scout doesn’t recommend it (for most houses).

You can additionally get a Scout Home Security System yard sign ($10). This tells potential intruders that the home is secured and might prevent them from trying to intrude.

An additional plus is the beautiful hardware design. You can chose from three styles: Arctic, Midnight and Walnut. (Walnut is my personal favorite.)

By the way, Scout was successfully funded and you can now pre-order the home security system.

Price 130$
Vendor Scout Security
Protocols Wi-Fi
Software iOS Android Browser

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