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Ninja Sphere – Monitor your environment

In November 2013, the Australian start up Ninja Blocks has launched a second Kickstarter campaign to raise investment for their new product called Ninja Sphere. It is an innovative device to control most of your smart home appliances and gadgets. The Sphere allows the user to control devices within the home through the newly developed gestural interface. For example by swiping your hand the Sphere turns on the lights or increases the volume of your stereo system. In addition it is equipped with a wide range of sensors to monitor temperature, lighting, energy usage, you and your pets’ presence, and anything else connected to your sphere. Based on machine learning technology the Ninja Sphere learns about the behaviour of the user and the environment. By supporting many smart home products from different manufacturers, the Sphere is a step towards making the Internet of Things a reality for many smart home owners.

Furthermore, the company has launched the Ninja Platform, allowing anyone to build web & mobile apps that talk to hardware. You can develop apps quickly, based on the already existing web languages. And it’s for free.

A preview of how it works:

Vendor Ninja Blocks
Protocols Wi-Fi Bluetooth Zigbee
Software iOS Android

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