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Netatmo – your Home’s weather station

Netatmo designed the tool to make your home a healthier one for you and your family. It releaves the pain of knowing the conditions not only the outside weather conditions but also inside your own House. So you can take the best decision for your home comfort.

Indoor Comfort

Netatmo weather station is designed to gather important data from your Inside and not only informing you with weather conditions outside. It senses your indoor temperature, relative humidity and level of CO2 to help you live in a healthier environment. Data collected from the station are sent to your smartphone or web dashboard, so you can control it right from your fingertips.

Moreover, Netatmo combines past, current and future data to help you predict your indoor comfort and understand your environment better. It creates trends by combining data from indoor temperature, indoor humidity, indoor air quality, CO2 and Sound Meter.


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Air Out your Home when needed

We spend an average of 80% of our time inside, yet the air indoors is often more polluted than outdoors. By collecting indoors data, the station sends you warnings when you need to air out your home. Three level of warning helps you take action for a better quality of life: very good, average and warning. Accessible via smartphone or directly on the web, you can take action right away to reach your goal of creating a smarter environment.


Plan your Outdoor Activities

But Netatmo is not only an indoor station that predicts how your internal environment feels like. The station also tracks conditions outside with real time data, from outdoor temperature, outdoor relative humidity, outdoor air quality, barometric pressure, or weather condition.

By combining both, indoor and outdoor conditions, Netatmo makes it easier for you to make the best decision: open your windows at home, how to dress and which transportation to use according to the weather conditions.

Netatmo comes with a nicely designed hardware and three different products. The Weather Station with 2 modules and free App for $169, an additional module for $69 or even a rain gauge for $69.

Price 69$
Vendor Netatmo
Software Windows MacOs iOS Android

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