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Nest Protect

The Nest Protect is the second product from the company that brought you the Nest smart thermostat.  The Protect is a Smoke and CO equipped with truly innovative technology. In case of danger it lets you know where and what the problem is. And before it sounds an annoying alarm, the Nest Protect will notify you via your smartphone so you can silence the alarm by simply wave of your hand. In addition it will send you a text message, once its battery level is low to prevent false alarm in the middle of the night.

Vendor Nest
Size 13,4 cm x 13,4 cm x 4,1 cm
Weight 372 g
Protocols Wi-Fi
Software iOS Android
Sensors Photoelectric smoke sensor Carbon monoxide sensor, Heat sensor, Three activity sensors, Ambient light sensor, Humidity sensor,
Equipment Speaker, Alarm
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