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Mothers Reinvented

“Mother is the first true advent of the Internet of Things in everyday life”, said Rafi Haldjia, Founder and CEO of and the creator of Nabaztag the connected rabbit. “We have made sensors that unobtrusively blend into your life. She offers the knowledge and comfort you want, when and how you want it, all while remaining discreet.”

Mother cares about you and loves you, just like your real mother, yet Mother by is programmable. You can decide what aspects of your life you want to have handled by Mother. The really remarkable thing about Mother is that it knows how to help you in many areas of your daily life like health, fitness, well-being, security and comfort. In particular this means Mother helps you to have a good night sleep, to be more active and fit and cut back on snacking.


Furthermore, Mother enables you to spend less on heating by turning off your connected thermostat (for example Tado or Nest Thermostat) when nobody’s at home and Mother also protects your home by alerting you of suspicious activity. Again, that’s not all! Mother also lets you know when your children returned home safely, makes sure you have coffee in the house, reminds you to take your medication, keeps an eye on your most private possessions and offers fun ways to teach your children to properly brush their teeth!


How does Mother do it?

Mother is the head of a family of so called Motion Cookies. Those are a unique, new generation of multi-purpose, independent sensors that connect real-life actions, detecting and understanding movements, temperature and more. Small and nifty, yet powerful and colourful with the exceptional ability to analyze, find patterns, learn and continuously readapt, turning everyday objects into something smart.

Mother’s little Cookies are absolutely versatile. The only thing you have to do is assign them to an application. Any Cookie can serve for an application offered and can be simply attached to all everyday objects very quickly.

Cookies transmit the data to the nearest Mother. But, as the are able to memorize up to 10 days of data and upload it to the system as soon as they encounter a Mother, the are not housebound.

One Mother can be simultaneously connected to up to 24 Motion Cookies.


Don’t worry about Mother and her little Cookies disturbing you interior design – not unfounded Mother was named an Honoree of the 2014 CES Innovations Design and Engineering Awards in the “Technology for a Better World” category. Mother and the Cookies look absolutely amazing!

What does Mother do with the information?

This is completely up to you. You direct Mother what information is most important to you. Mother will send you alerts and notifications about everything important or when something urgent occurs. It’s up to you how you want to be notified. Mother lets you choose from a variety of options. Push notifications, text messages, emails, phone calls, sounds and light and Senseriver, a continuous real-time stream – choose whatever suits you most.


Everything Mother watches over, all the data it collects, is placed on a Senseboard, “the storybook of your life”. You can browse it any time to find trends, prioritized information, and statistics, and take action to change your behavior if necessary. Mother not only protects you and your loved ones, it also protects your privacy. All the data collected belongs to you.

The initial launch will, according to the creators, include 12 applications and an additional pack of 4 Motion Cookies can be bought for only $99. So far you can only pre-order Mother and her little helpers.

Price 299$
Software iOS Android

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