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Be on the Moov

Moov might be the most advanced wearable yet! The fitness tracker works like a personal trainer but only costs you as much as any other tracker (from $79.95). Moov not only motivates you but teaches you and wants to improve your fitness activities with real-time feedback.

So far you can only pre-order your Moov and it’s supposed to be officially in sale starting this fall.

The Moov band can be worn on different parts of your body, like your ankle or wrist, depending on the information you’re looking to get out of it.

Moov was designed to allow everyone to understand and improve their biomechanics during exercise and physical activity. Moov can be your new artificial intelligence personal fitness trainer. This means that with its real-time AI powered feedback, you can maximize your every workout and help prevent injuries resulting from improper form.

Who else has the bad feeling they’re doing something wrong when going running? Would be great to have real-time feedback on the way you run and what should be improved!

Compared to other fitness wearables, Moov is not a passive activity tracker but an active coach to push and encourage you during your workouts.

Facts about Moov

The band uses a combination of software algorithms and hardware (9-axis sensors). It can pinpoint your body’s EXACT movements without the help of a camera. This lets the device gives you tips on how to run without putting strain on your knees, or how to lift weights with the proper form.

So far Moov supports iOS exclusively but according to their FAQs the Android support is coming soon. With iOS Moov supports iPhones starting with the iPhone 4. The 5th generation iPod Touch, iPad 3, 4, Mini and Air are supported as well.

You can use Moov with activities like cardio boxing and running. An optimizes version to accompany you while swimming, cycling and doing body weights is coming soon.

The Run & Walk Moov app is already available and all the other are coming soon as well.

The app allows users to share and compare their workouts to encourage motivation among the community.

Moov was built by Nikola Hu, a former Apple and HALO game engineer, and Meng Li and Tony Yuan. They both struggled with working out and were not getting results because they weren’t conducting their workouts properly.

Price 79.95$
Vendor Moov Inc.
Protocols Wi-Fi
Software iOS

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