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LIFX: Smart Light Bulbs Worth A Million Dollars

The smart light bulbs from LIFX were 2012’s Kickstarter phenomenon with raising over $1.000.000!

The days of traditional light bulbs are counted and bulbs become smart little gadgets that additionally to all their smart attributes shed light aswell. You can control them with your smartphone using Wi-Fi. The multi-color, energy efficient LED bulb shines a new light on your home, work and freetime place.

LIFX from LIFX on Vimeo.

Universally usable smart light bulbs

LIFX’ smart light bulbs give you the possibility to start your day right: by naturally waking you up with automatically increasing light. This means you are gently woken up by the change in light intensity and not brutally shaken out of what could have been the most amazing dream by an annoying alarm clock. But not only can LIFX help you create a great atmosphere inside your own four walls!

Think bigger: Imagine your work place suddenly has a friendly and motivating ambience and lighting. Or: you’re sitting in your favorite restaurant and the LIFX’ smart light bulbs shed the perfect light for every table individually – no matter if at the table next to you there’s a business meeting going on, you and your spouse still have a romantic and magical mood.

Furthermore, it can also be used in retail lighting, putting a spotlight on products in a individually suiting way.

As the features also include dim functions, night light settings, visualizing your music and informing you about notifications on your phone, night hours actually bring out the light of these smart little bulbs.


Obviously they still work like a normal light bulb when you don’t have your smartphone at hand.

You are the engineer

To set up your new lightning experience you simply have to replace your existing bulbs with the LIFX multi-color smart bulbs. Sounds to good to be true? It isn’t! It really is that easy to do and literally costs you a few seconds to install. Now your new smart light bulbs are ready to last for 27 years (at a 4 hour use per day).

No matter where you are on the globe, the LIFX smart light bulbs will be delivered to you thanks to the international delivery system.

Vendor LIFX Labs
Protocols Wi-Fi Zigbee
Software iOS Android

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