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iLumi – The World’s Smartest LED Lights

iLumi LED lights ring a bell? Some of you in the US might have seen the guys on ABC’s Shark Tank!

iLumi Smartbulbs offer a wide variety of usage: Automation, security, entertainment and obviously pure lighting.

What makes a light bulb smart?

There is one thing, we at My Smart Home, haven’t seen so far in any light bulb: iLumi Smartbulbs are able to turn themselves into over a million color combinations controlled by a smartphone app. And that is the key feature in contrast to any other LED light bulb.

ilumi – The World’s Smartest Lights from ilumi on Vimeo.

Smartbulb variety

At the moment there are two different kinds of LED lights, iLumi is offering:

Small A21 ilumi Smartbulb

“The flexible A21 iLumi rises like the sun over the horizon spreading bright light in all directions.” That’s what iLumi tells us about their small version of the Smartbulb.

It’s ideal for lamps, fan lighting and anywhere else in the home.

While only consuming 12 watts the A21 Smartbulb produces about 800+ lumens which is equally bright as a 60-75 watt incandescent.

Large PAR30 ilumi Smartbulb

“The powerful PAR30 ilumi shines down like bright light from the heavens (or your ceiling).” We couldn’t have said it better!

It’s ideal for overhead, recessed or track lighting.

The bigger PAR30 Smartbulb produces about 1100+ lumens (consuming circa 15 watts). This is equally bright as 90-100 watt incandescent.

iLumi Technology

While LIFX is using a hybrid of Wi-Fi and the Zigbee-friendly 802.15.4 mesh network, iLumi is based on Bluetooth 4.0. This means all you need are the LED Smartbulbs (1-100) and the app – that’s it! No Wi-Fi, bridges or other dependencies are needed for iLumi.

Like the LIFX, iLumi’s LED light bulbs can sync to a music track so you can SEE “Lights” while listening to Ellie Goulding’s. (noticed the subtle humor there?)

Furthermore, iLumi light bulbs let you change the temperature of the lights and for example have it turned on when your alarm clock goes and turned off as soon as you leave your house! The possibilities, to be honest, seem endless!

Vendor iLumi Solutions
Protocols Bluetooth
Software iOS Android

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