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Greenbox: The new irrigation controller

You might already have irrigation controllers installed in your home, but those are probably not having the most intuitive user interface and are hard to install.

But now there is Greenbox: it’s easy to use, intuitive, effective and smartphone-controlled.

Their slogan is: “Your garden, connected.” And that’s exactly what you can do with Greenbox.

Every home owner dreams of a green and ample garden but not all of us have the time to care for the garden accordingly. Depending on the weather conditions, the plants need different kinds of care. An irrigation controller seems like the right thing to install, but not all of them are the same. Greenbox is such a controller that lets your smartphone connect with it and manage as well as monitor the program.

Now Greenbox enables all of us to have the garden we’re dreaming of – without having to worry about not being able to water the plants in the garden exactly when they need it.

Every Greenbox irrigation controller supports up to 8 zones (including 1 optional master valve).


Garden Automation

Using a simple and intuitive interface, you can allow Greenbox to automatically schedule your watering programs, based on your individual, local weather. This also means that you no longer unnecessarily waste water, but have an optimal water consumption when it comes to your garden. Greenbox calls this “Watergain”.

Greenbox supports all platforms and is available as a native iOS app or as a web app in your browser.

More plus points

  • Future proof: The ability to update firmware, the web application, and the mobile app ensure that Greenbox will be relevant for many years to come.

  • There’s no recurring fees.

  • You can backup your watering programs and settings to Greenbox’s servers – free of charge.

  • It’s set up within seconds.

  • Seamless connectivity: For short-range direct communication Greenbox is providing Bluetooth Smart; for remote access there’s Wi-Fi so can always keep control of garden and its well-being.

So far, you can only reserve a Greenbox irrigation controller but hopefully they will be able to ship really soon.

Price 249$
Vendor Greenbox Technologies Ltd.
Protocols Wi-Fi Bluetooth
Software iOS Browser

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