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Dropcam – the Home Security Camera

We have already wrote about Dropcam’s acquisition by Google earlier this year (Read our previous article). We wanted to go a bit deeper into the product and what Dropcam can actually do for every households.

A Home Security Camera

Traditionally over expensive and difficult to set up, the Home security market was controlled by security expert that would come to your place, set up the overall system and make sure you won’t have any problem. Once an exclusive Service, home security is now delivered to the masses with new technologies. Dropcam follows this movement by enabling anyone to easily install as many wireless security cameras as wanted at home without having to break budget. It allows anyone to be 24h/7 connected to Home right from smartphones.

Set up in Minutes

Dropcam’s set of cameras has been designed to be easily installed in your Home. Unbox it, install it on your wall, connect it to your Home’s wifi and there you go. It’s ready to record any moments happening in your home and live stream it on your smartphone directly or any web-browser. Your dropcam will detect any suspect movement and guard your belongings (whether it is a new TV, a vintage bike or a vintage turntable). It provides additional peace of mind when you are away and leave you with the feeling to be in two places at the same time.

Dropcam: a set of features


Zoom Right from your smartphone, you can zoom on specific area you want to zoom on. Up to 8x.

Night vision Watch around the clock with the automatic infrared LEDs packed in your cameras.

Two-Way talk A built in Micro and speaker allows you to connect with people and pets in your House right from your camera.

Intelligent alerts You can set up automatic notifications by email or directly on the smartphone for everythings occurring in your House.

Mobile and Web apps The camera records any events that occur in your home and you can live stream them live right from your smartphone or web browser. On the go, you can monitor what is happening at Home.

Sharing Invite people you know to share your video stream with.

Cloud Recording Review footage from the past or month and share them with your beloved ones.

Scheduling Dropcam is schedulable On/Off at specific times a day or week.

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A product meant to be your Eyes at Home when you are away


Dropcam replaces your presence at Home when you are not at Home. It keeps an eye on your gear in any situation, alerts you when something is going wrong with your baby or notifies you when your pet is not behaving good. But Dropcam is also good for your small business. You can stay alerted while you work, watch multiple locations at the same time, rest easy when away and catch burglars.

For $199 for the Pro Dropcam (130° field view) and $149 for the Dropcam (107°), this acquisition by Google seems to be an interesting move into the personalized Wireless home security camera.

–> Read moreDropcam official Home Security Webpage <– 

Price 199$
Vendor Dropcam
Website https://www.dropcam.com/home-security
Software Windows MacOs iOS Android
Sensors Camera

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