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Your dog tracking device: Whistle

Dog tracking is something many of dog owners would really appreciate. Here’s a possible solution to be able to know what your dog is up to: Whistle.

You can track your dog’s health with the Whistle Activity Monitor. It easily attaches to any dog collar and gives you a new perspective on your dog’s day-to-day behaviour and long-term trends through measuring its activities.


On your smartphone you can receive updates about your dog’s walks, playtimes and rest. You can even keep family members updated as you can add photos and notes and share these updates on social networks.

You can stay connected and updated about the well-being of your dog even when you’re at work or away on holiday aswell. Whistle uses Bluetooth for when you’re together with your dog. The dog tracking device syncs data to the cloud and enables you to see who’s spending time with your dog. You can even connect a new owner with your dogs simply by pairing their phone with Whistle via Bluetooth.

When you’re not with your dog you can still stay connected through Whistle’s ability to use Wi-Fi aswell. You can ensure to get the latest updated by connecting Whistle to multiple Wi-Fi networks (home, work, or any of your dog’s frequent hangout spots like daycare).

Based on your dog’s daily and weekly activity Whistle is able to give you updates about its well-being and overall health.

You can all in all learn a lot more about your dog’s life. You can discover what time of day you dog’s the most active and what time you pup needs nap-time and rests.


As 10 million dogs get lost every year, WhistleGPS absolutely makes sense! With this dog tracking device you can locate your pet’s where-abouts plus his overall activity.

The dog tracking device itself costs you $129 and for GPS tracking you pay $5 per month. But this still is the cheapest pet GPS tracking device on the market!

Price 129$
Vendor Whistle
Weight 16g / 0.56oz
Protocols Wi-Fi Bluetooth
Software iOS Android
Sensors 3-axis accelerometer

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