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Chui – the facial recognition Doorbell

We had the privilege to talk to one of the founder of Chui, Shaun Moore, live from Boulder, Colorado. Chui isn’t a common smart doorbell. It’s way more than this. Founders have been thinking ahead. Here’s our analysis.


Why a smart doorbell?

Right now a doorbell consists of a button placed at the entry door of your home. When people approach your home, they push it to report their presence. A signal is then sent and a strong noise resonates in your entire house, most of the time pretty weird. Who has never been bothered by this noise after all? For the fortunate one, you might have a camera at your front door signaling who is there, making it easier to open the door or not. A doorbell is a simple way to signal that one of your guests is waiting at your doorstep. Nothing extraordinary!

Thus, you may wonder why would I need a smart doorbell? And what is a smart doorbell after all?

A smart doorbell has been designed to make this welcome process smoother, better and more secured for both, you and your guest. Over with the uncomfortable situation when someone’s ringing the door and you don’t know who it is and how you should welcome him/her. Over the time you need to climb or go down the stairs to open the door to someone you don’t even know. Over the time being woken up by the postman at your door.

With a smart doorbell, you can monitor everything from your smartphone. Right from your mobile, you can check who is waiting at your door, you can unlock their entry but most of all you can secure your home way better than ever before. Your guests will feel better greeted and you will have total control over your frontdoor. A smart doorbell basically makes the experience of ringing at someone’s door more fun and more enjoyable.

A facial Recognition device


Chui is a beautifully designed doorbell packed with a camera and a micro. When your guest arrives at your door, he/she simply presses the button to take a picture and automatically send you a notification via smartphone or on your personal web dashboard. From there, you can allow your guest to get in.

But that’s not everything there is to Chui: The magic happens with their facial recognition feature.

The guys from Chui went further by packing their technology with a face recognition feature. It lets the camera register your face and whenever you present yourself from the second time on, the place owner don’t even need to act. The device either lets you in or not. Imagine going to your local gym, you wouldn’t need any badge or any key to get in for your daily practice. The camera will recognize your face and match it to your profile. The face recognition is 99,6% accurate according to Chui, but in case, they provide a second layer extra security with QR code recognition and password recognition.


Unveiled at the CES 2014 conference in Las Vegas, the technology is promising and includes a range of nice features:

Notifying you who’s at your front door with real time notifications right on your smartphone.

Once the profile is saved on your list, Chui can notify you with picture, timestamp and name (if recognized) via push notification or email. Wherever you are, it’s now easy to identify who is standing at your front door.

Communicate with anybody via a 2 way audio system and a 1 way video feature.

You can now communicate with anybody right from your smartphone via audio and/or video. So you can directly talk with the one standing outside without opening your door or even move from your sofa.

Pre-recorded Identity Based Messages

You are waiting for a package from your postman but you are too busy to wait and open the door for him? You can easily record a messages that Chui will play as soon as it recognizes your postman at the door. You can tell him to leave your post at the frontdoor for example.

“Do not disturb” notifications

You can add anyone to your list of “Do not disturb”, and Chui takes care of telling them that you aren’t available for the moment without notifying you.

Automatically unlock doors for your friends and family

The same applies to your friends and family list. Chui will automatically open the door to them as soon as it recognizes their face. You will never be stuck in front of your front door because you forgot your keys at home. You can now leave your home keyless without worrying.

Home Automation

Chui will also integrate with the most popular smart plugs and lighting system (like Philips Hue) so when you get back home, Chui can turn your lighting system on, so you never have to step into your house in the dark.

Next Steps

The guys at Chui launched a successful crowdfunding campaign that just ended a few hours ago. They reported to be working on providing the first batch of devices by fall this year and will focus their effort on B2B2C, which means you might never need your keys or card again when going to your local gym.

We are looking forward to test Chui and can’t wait to publish a full review once we get our hands on it.

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