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Bistro – The Smart Cat Feeder

Ok, this might sound a bit weird, but a smart cat feeder really is a logical invention!

I worry about my cat a lot, especially when I’m at work (like right now) or when I’m on holiday. I can never be sure whether my little furry friend is OK, has enough food and water…

Bistro the really smart cat feeder uses “cat facial-recognition technology” that lets you know on your Bistro app, which cat (if you have more than one) got fed, how much they weigh and if there’s any unusual behaviour. You can even watch them on your smartphone or table while they’re eating – it’s adorable! :)

Bistro launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, which means it’s not yet available for commercial purchase, but things look well: the smart cat feeder has already surpassed its goal of $100,000 and there’s still about 3 weeks left until the campaign ends on August 14.

Bistro will then retail for $249.

How does the smart cat feeder work?

Bistro is described on the website really clearly. They divided how it works and what it offers in three steps.

  • Recognition: As soon as your little friend steps on Bistro, the cat facial-recognition software and the built-in camera will kick in and determine which cat it is that just stepped onto Bistro. Years of research and development of deep learning technology have led to the algorithm.
  • Calculate: When the cat leaves bistro, the built-in weight sensors beneath the feeding tray, the waterer. The amount of food and water your cat takes as well as their weight will automatically be calculated.
  • Analyze: Immediately after the data is calculated, it is sent through Bistro’s cloud service straight to your smartphone. The Bistro App enables you to easily review your cat’s diet history and its health report.


The creator Mu-Chi Sung didn’t just invent the smart cat feeder to earn money, but because cats’ health lies at his heart. One of his three cats, Momo, didn’t eat anything anymore after getting pancreatitis but Mu-Chi Sung didn’t notice that until it was almost too late. Momo eventually recovered but the cat’s hind legs had to be amputated.

“The cats share the same bowl, so I can’t tell who’s eating and who’s not,” he told Mashable. “I wanted to know how they’re doing at home.”

This was his inspiration to create Bistro the smart cat feeder. Now he wants to make variations of the feeder for other animals like dogs aswell.

“I would love to apply it to other pets,” he said. “That will be our next project.”

I think this is a really authentic and understandable motive! I’ve already pre-ordered a Bistro for my cat and am really looking forward to not having to worry too much about my cat’s health anymore.

Price 249$
Vendor 42ARK
Protocols Wi-Fi
Software iOS Android

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