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Lyric Thermostat, a modern take on an iconic design

Lyric, the brand new thermostat from Honeywell, has just been launched in the US market. Honeywell, the pioneer in the thermostat industry is now conquering the smart thermostat market with a similar design to Nest. The competition has just begun.

Honeywell, an iconic design company

Honeywell has been pioneering the thermostat market (see timeline). Though, Lyric feels like a natural evolution for the pioneer in temperature regulation technologies. They introduced many breakthroughs with beautiful designs over the last century. Back in 1889, Butz invented one of the most important product in history: the earliest thermostat designed to automatically regulate temperature: The Minneapolis introduced by Honeywell in 1900. A few years later, in 1908, the company started to experiment a chronologic thermostat by adding a clock to the Minneapolis, another feature enabling the regulation of temperature at specific hours. The demand was so high, that Honeywell started to manufacture their own clocks and introduced the Minneapolis 77 in 1924, a groundbreaking product that hit stars for over a decade until the introduction of an electric thermostat. In 1930, the Acratherm was introduced to the market. Designed by Henry Dreyfuss, it replaced the coffin-shaped design of the Minneapolis. By responding to weather, it automatically adjusted the length of time and number of burners operating, resulting in fewer fluctuations in temperature and greater comfort.


However the most important evolution in the thermostat market was introduced in 1953, with the first round thermostat designed by Henry Dreyfuss. It initiated a new era of automatic control and remained an icon of industrial design for many years before disappearing in the 60s with the introduction of the T852 Series.

Lyric thermostat, a comeback to round thermostat

By introducing Lyric this year, Honeywell gets back to the fundamental design they introduced in the 50s, a lot smarter though. It is made to fit with people’s dynamic schedule and their everyday environment. It’s packed with some interesting features, like geofencing to automatically regulate temperature when away, smart cues to keep people informed, motion sensing display and control from anywhere with smart devices. It helps people create more comfort at home by taking into consideration indoor temperatures and outdoor conditions. And it helps people save energy and money when away.

We are thrilled by their design, a human touch in a digital world. Coming from Honeywell, the pioneer in Round Thermostat, we can’t wait to try it out and give a better review. The battle has just reached another level, between two innovative companies competing for the leadership in beautiful handcrafted smart devices.