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HealthKit: Apple’s Health Software Development Kit (SDK)

During WWDC (Worldwide Developer Conference), Apple not only announced iOS 8, and HomeKit but also first signs in entering the Digital Health industry.

We have already introduced HomeKit to you, Apple’s Smart Home SDK. Not to be overlooked should be Apple’s HealthKit which is a new suite for fitness and health.

HealthKit is able to track data concerning movement and activity as well as nutrition, diet and sleep habits. Furthermore, your smartphone can now have an emergency card on it including all the important information about allergies and regularly consumed medication.

The Health App

Apple’s HealthKit is a framework for developers offering an API to access data other health apps are already offering. Plus, there’s a whole list of other tools available for developers. If the user wishes to do so, the Health App can directly transfer the data concerning their health to the family physician.

This app brings all the collected information from the different other health related apps together into one place and lets you analyse the pooled data. This could result in monitoring your calorie consumption from your fitness app in relation to your workout sessions and heart rate measured through your wearables. All of that within one app.

TIt will allow developers to start creating interesting new application to make sense of data collected through the iPhone and the already important amount of e-health applications available on the Apple Store.


Emergency Card

Thanks to HealthKit, you could now always have your emergency card with your – on your iPhone. This includes all the important information about you like blood type, allergies and regularly consumed medication. And yes, in case of an emergency this card can be accessed even from the Lock screen of your phone. It could save your life!

We think it’s absolutely remarkable and are really looking forward to being able to pool all of the fitness and health data from the various apps on our phone into one, central app that can give us a perfect overview of calorie consumption, workouts and our overall fitness and health.