About Us

My Smart Home is a free initiative of the Allianz Digital Accelerator GmbH to the public. It has no intention towards retail or advertisement of a specific product. Based on the slogan “We follow the Smart Home Space so you don’t have to” we want to contribute to the safety, security and convenience at home with information regarding technology in this area.

The Allianz Digital Accelerator GmbH (www.digital-accelerator.com) builds new business models for Allianz and accelerates their execution and implementation within Allianz to ultimately better serve and build value for our customers. We are a company of the Allianz Group, which is a global financial services provider with approximately 78 million retail and corporate clients in more than 70 countries.

This information platform is one of our current projects, presenting the newest developments within the smart home sector in order to create a market overview to the public.

We are writing editorials on products based on information provided by the companies themselves. We do not intend to recommend any product nor to give consultancy or advice regarding any purchasing decision to visitors of this page.

We simply want to offer anybody interested in smart home technologies an overview regarding recent evolutions in this area. The categorization into different groups of interest is for navigation purposes only. We are planning to expand our activities to test reports and in depth information about the products and the entrepreneurs behind those innovations.

If you are a smart home solution provider and interested to give us additional information, sample products or an interview – we’re happy to get in touch.

If you are generally interested in working with us, please feel free to contact us.